Welcome to my world.....

 This is the first official website for Philly the kid. A London based Breakbeat producer. 

The second official websit should be up by the start of September, so bare with me!

My sound is pretty much a mix of all my main influences (obviously)! Everyone from The Prodigy and the Freestylers, to NIN. The Liberators from the label 'Stay Up Forever'. Metallica (real song writers, back in the day at least), Too many influences to name to be honest. But, i'm realising now that every time I reach a threshold that the bar has been raised again......Mafia Kiss, Pyramid, i'm looking at you here!!! 

Big, heavy beats-a-plenty (mainly around 135 bpm). Bouncy basslines, often backed with 303 lines. Lots of cut up vox and glitchiness.  But, rather than guess what style that mix-up would make. Just have a listen! 

If you are here for the breakbeats, you may as well ignore the 'Oldies' album though (I used to write whatever vibe I felt at the time, now I'm trying to concentrate on breaks)! 

 It's been hard work writing enough tunes to put a good set together. But, now i've got a few tracks together. So i'm just looking to improve my skills and get into the whole 'Future Jungle' vibe. 

Most important -for now- is just getting people to hear my tracks. That way -at least- I can get some constructive criticism (hopefully). This website is another good step forwards towards that goal (though I do have a much better website lined up to replace this, soon). No good playing out if no-one likes the music, after all! 

So take a listen. And please, if you have a second. Leave me a message on the forum, or by mailing me on philly@phillythekid.co.uk letting me know what you think. If it's criticism, try and be constructive with it.  Makes it easier for me to improve on what i'm doing. If you're interested in booking me for a gig, or want to use any of my music for film/tv or anything else. Get in touch. I'm open to ideas!

 I reckon these songs are good enough to get the people dancing. If you think so too, help me out and spread the word!!







  1st gig; Live at the Green Dragon, Croydon